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Seminar IT-Cybersecurity (SoSe 2017)

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Prof. Dr. Vincent Heuveline

Dr. habil. Marcel Kunze

Location: INF 205 (Mathematikon) / SR 1

Date: Friday, 11:00 - 13:00.


Cyber-attacks have attracted more and more attention recently. They are perceived as serious threats to national security especially if they are targeted against critical infrastructures (water and power supply, traffic or telecommunication infrastructure, etc.), on which the functioning of modern societies depends. Governments worldwide arm themselves in order to protect the integrity and security of network communication and thus to fight against cyber-crime, cyber-espionage, cyber-terrorism or even cyber-war. Following this rationale, national intelligence services have established mass surveillance schemes that undermine fundamental democratic liberties. The seminar will deal with both, the technical and the political structures of these cybersecurity issues. The agenda will thus include topics such as data protection, cyber-threats, mass surveillance, censorship.

Presentations will be prepared and held in groups of 2 students. In the course of the semester, each group shall conceptualize an innovative research project. English or German is both fine for the oral presentations and the written seminar work. However, the material for preparation of the seminar topics provided by the organizers is in English.

ECTS: 4 (6 for EPG2)