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Seminar IT-Security


Prof. Dr. Vincent Heuveline

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Location: INF 205 (Mathematikon), SR 10.

Date: Tuesday, 16:00 - 18:00 c.t. (c.t. means Cum Tempore, i.e. start at 16:15 !!! )

Language: English

ECTS: It depends on your discipline. Please ask the examination office of your subject.


The quantity as well as the quality of attacks on computer systems is steadily increasing. As a result, the security of computer systems became an important topic in research and industry. In this technically oriented seminar, we will first learn about the types and mechanisms of attacks in detail and understand how to prevent them. Since these topics are close to research, they can serve as the basis for bachelor's and master's thesis.


Please note the following requirements for the award of credit points: regular participation, presentation with handout, mutual evaluation and written summary of the presentation. Details will be announced at the preliminary meeting. Further information:

  • The presentation should be a maximum of 40 minutes long, plus 20 minutes for discussion.
  • At least one week before the lecture a handout with the summary of the lecture (2 pages) should be submitted.
  • The mutual evaluation (with textual comments) for all other participants is part of the requirements.
  • The written summary is due on TBA