During the last decade, the field of information security has grown and evolved significantly. Cyber attacks represent a serious threat to critical infrastructures and IT services. However modern societies strongly depend on the proper functioning of those IT systems. The variety and the complexity of underlying scenarios for cyber attacks have become so high that a strong specialization in IT security is needed in order to leverage adequate responses to possible threats.

A main research emphasis of EMCL in the area of IT security is oriented towards developing and analysing intrusion detection systems (IDS) and intrusion prevention systems (IPS). These techniques aim at monitoring and detecting malicious activities and policy violation in a given network and/or system. The considered detection techniques rely on methods related to data mining in the context of big data. By this mean a direct link of this research topic is established with the original activities of EMCL in the area of data analysis and uncertainty quantification.

EMCL offers lectures and seminars on IT security both on an introductory and an advanced level on a regular basis.