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Aims & Objectives

Containment in engineering often provides thermal insulation, e.g. heat exchanger systems. There, an improvement of heat transfer via efficient enhancement is of general interest due to its benefits by low operational costs and due to sustainable usage of energy. From all available heat transfer enhancement techniques we want to focus here on the active method of applying electric fields, known as thermal electro-hydrodynamic „TEHD“ driven heat transfer augmentation. Our aim is to gain further insight into the hydrodynamical behaviour of dielectric fluids in a cylindrical enclosure with applied electric field and temperature gradient by combining numerical simulations with experimental data.

Research Topics at EMCL

  • Development of a finite element based solving routine for the thermal electro-hydrodynamical Boussinesq equations
  • Investigation of hydrodynamic stability of the underlying model
  • Comparison between experimental and simulated data
  • Uncertainty Quantification


  • The project is funded by the DFG.


  • Engineering Mathematics and Computing Lab, Prof. Dr. Vincent Heuveline, IWR, Heidelberg University
  • Lehrstuhl Aerodynamik und Strömungslehre, Prof. Dr. Christoph Egbers, Brandenburgische Technische Universität (BTU) Cottbus - Senftenberg




  • In preparation