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EMCL Preprint Series

The EMCL Preprint Series is published through the Library of Heidelberg University. Until April 30, 2013, it was published under the roof of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.




No. 1 (2023): Vtable hijacking: Object Type Integrity for run- time type information

No. 2 (2023): ACSeg: Automated 3D Cytoplasm Segmentation in Soft X-Ray Tomography



No. 1 (2021): Spatial Effect on Separatrix of Two-Cell System and Parameter Sensitivity Analysis

No. 2 (2021): Comparison of Machine Learning Methods for Predicting Employee Absences


No. 1 (2020): Mathematical clustering based on cross-sections in medicine: application to the pancreatic neck


No. 02 (2019): A time step reduction method for multiperiod optimal power flow problems

No. 01 (2019): Analysis of the stationary thermal-electro hydrodynamic Boussinesq equations


No. 02 (2018): Nested Schur-complement solver for a low Mach-number model: application to a cyclone-cyclone interaction

No. 01 (2018): Learning mode discrepancy of an electric motor with Bayesian inference


No. 06 (2017): HiFlow3 - Technical Report on Release 2.0

No 05 (2017): Towards an Intelligent Framework for Personalized Simulation-enhanced Surgery Assistance: Linking a Simulation Ontology to a Reinforcement Learning Algorithm for Calibration of Numerical Simulations

No 04 (2017): New features for advanced dynamic parallel communication routines in OpenPALM: Algorithms and documentation

No 03 (2017): An energy-efficient parallel multigrid method for multi-core CPU platforms and HPC clusters

No 02 (2017): New sparsing approach for real-time simulations of stiff models on electronic control units

No 01 (2017): Sparse Grids for quantifying motion uncertainties in biomechanical models of radiotherapy patients


No 2 (2016): An analytically solvable benchmark problem for fluid-structure interaction with uncertain parameters

No 1 (2016): A Domain Decomposition Approach for Solving Dynamic Optimal Power Flow Problems in Parallel with Application to the German Transmission Grid


No 04 (2015): A Multilevel Domain Decomposition approach for solving time constrained Optimal Power Flow problems

No 03 (2015): Block-asynchronous and Jacobi smoothers for a multigrid solver on GPU-accelerated HPC clusters

No 02 (2015): Comprehensive Pre- & Post-Processing for Numerical Simulations in Cardiac Surgery Assistance

No 01 (2015): Comparison of mesh-adaptation criteria for an idealized tropical cyclone problem


No 02 (2014): Simulation of Complex Cuts in Soft Tissue with the Extended Finite Element Method (X-FEM)

No 01 (2014): A parallel solution scheme for multiphysics evolution problems using OpenPALM


No 04 (2013): Simulation of Surgical Cutting of Soft Tissue using the X-FEM

No 03 (2013): Dynamic Simulation of Land Management Effects on Soil N2O Emissions using a coupled Hydrology-Ecosystem Model

No 02 (2013): Model-based Visualization of Instationary Geo-Data with Application to Volcano Ash Data

No 01 (2013): Evaluation of two Formulations of the Conjugate Gradients Method with Transactional Memory


No 07 (2012): Bandwidth-Efficient Parallel Visualization for Mobile Devices

No 06 (2012): Aortic Coarctation simulation based on the Lattice Boltzmann method: benchmark results

No 05 (2012): Scalability Study of HiFlow3 based on a Fluid Flow Channel Benchmark

No 04 (2012): A unified Energy Footprint for Simulation Software

No 03 (2012): The Coffee-table Book of Pseudospectra

No 02 (2012): Electrokinetic optimization of a micromixer for lab-on-chip applications

No 01 (2012): Software Transactional Memory, OpenMP and Pthread implementations of the CG Method - A Preliminary Evaluation


No 17 (2011): GPU-Accelerated Asynchronous Error Correction for Mixed Precision Iterative Refinement

No 16 (2011): Augmented Reality for Urban Simulation Visualization

No 15 (2011): Block-asynchronous multigrid smoothers for GPU-accelerated systems

No 14 (2011): A Block-Asynchronous Relaxation Method for Graphics Processing Units

No 13 (2011): Employing a High-Level Language for Porting Numerical Applications to Reconfigurable Hardware

No 12 (2011): Proceedings of the 4th EMCL-Workshop ''Numerical Simulation, Optimization and High Performance Computing''

No 11 (2011): Numerical Simulation of the Human Lung: A Two--scale Approach

No 10 (2011): Numerical Defect Correction as an Algorithm-Based Fault Tolerance Technique for Iterative Solvers

No 09 (2011): Parallel Smoothers for Matrix-based Multigrid Methods on Unstructured Meshes Using Multicore CPUs and GPUs

No 08 (2011): Enhanced Parallel ILU(p)-based Preconditioners for Multi-core CPUs and GPUs -- The Power(q)-pattern Method

No 07 (2011): A Preprocessing Approach for Innovative Patient-specific Intranasal Flow Simulations

No 06 (2011): Optimization of Power Consumption in the Iterative Solution of Sparse Linear Systems on Graphics Processors

No 05 (2011): Analysis and Optimization of Power Consumption in the Iterative Solution of Sparse Linear Systems on Multi-core and Many

No 04 (2011): A local time-dependent Generalized Polynomial Chaos method for Stochastic Dynamical Systems

No 03 (2011): Towards a hybrid numerical method using Generalized Polynomial Chaos for Stochastic Differential Equations

No 02 (2011): A High-Efficient Scalable Solver for the Global Ocean/Sea-Ice Model MPIOM

No 01 (2011): Power Consumption of Mixed Precision in the Iterative Solution of Sparse Linear Systems


No 07 (2010): Convey HC-1 -- The Potential of FPGAs in Numerical Simulation

No 06 (2010): HiFlow3 -- A Flexible and Hardware-Aware Parallel Finite Element Package

No 05 (2010): Evaluation of Different Strategies for Goal Oriented Adaptivity in CFD -- Part I: The Stationary Case

No 04 (2010): GPU Accelerated Scientific Computing: Evaluation of the NVIDIA Fermi Architecture; Elementary Kernels and Linear Solvers

No 03 (2010): Energy Efficiency of Mixed Precision Iterative Refinement Methods using Hybrid Hardware Platforms: An Evaluation of different Solver and Hardware Configurations

No 02 (2010): Mixed Precision Error Correction Methods for Linear Systems: Convergence Analysis based on Krylov Subspace Methods

No 01 (2010): An Error Correction Solver for Linear Systems: Evaluation of Mixed Precision Implementations


No 02 (2009): A Survey on Hardware-aware and Heterogeneous Computing on Multicore Processors and Accelerators

No 01 (2009): Numerical Simulation on the SiCortex Supercomputer Platform: a Preliminary Evaluation