Saskia Haupt and Alexander Zeilmann from EMCL presented at the 6th EHTG Meeting

The 6th European Hereditary Tumor Group (EHTG) meeting took place from September 28 to October 1, 2022 with a main focus on discussing the newest hot topics in all areas of research and clinical management for patients with hereditary cancer predisposition syndromes. As the only mathematicians at the conference, Saskia Haupt and Alexander Zeilmann from EMCL have been really warmly welcomed and had various opportunities to discuss current and future research collaborations with medical and clinical experts from the field.

Saskia presented her personal view on when to use and how to combine mathematical modeling and machine learning tools to further advance cancer research. She was previously elected to present her work as one of the best visual posters in the plenary session and in the working group “Novel associations”.  Further, Saskia presented her future plans for systematically analyzing and estimating differences in cancer risk and survival for different subgroups of the Prospective Lynch Syndrome Database (PLSD) during this year’s PLSD Business Meeting.

Alexander, who joined the Mathematics in Oncology project at EMCL this summer, described how uncertain data influence model results and clinical decision making and how Uncertainty Quantification could handle various types of uncertainty in a mathematically correct and also clinically relevant way.

Thank you again for having us at this year’s EHTG meeting and we’re already very much looking forward to the next EHTG meeting.