Saskia Haupt from EMCL received the 1st prize for best presentation Y-EHTG at the 5th EHTG Meeting

The 5th European Hereditary Tumor Group (EHTG) meeting took place online on October 8 and 9, 2021 covering all aspects of state-of-the-art medical and clinical expertise on hereditary tumor syndromes.

Saskia Haupt from EMCL presented two recent modeling approaches for tumor evolution within the most common inherited tumor syndrome, Lynch syndrome. The two models were developed in the framework of the initiative “Mathematics in Oncology” at EMCL together with ATB and were recently published in PLOS Computational Biology  and Computational and Systems Oncology.

Further, Saskia presented the new calculations for the cumulative cancer risk and corresponding confidence intervals in Lynch syndrome individuals for different types of cancer and MMR gene variants in the framework of the Prospective Lynch Syndrome Database (PLSD).

For her first talk titled “Mathematically modeling Lynch syndrome carcinogenesis at different scales”, Saskia received the 1st prize for the best presentation among Young EHTG (Y-EHTG) contributors. She is invited to the next EHTG Meeting 2022 hybrid in Mallorca.

Congratulations, Saskia!