EMCL @ SIAM UQ conference 2018

5/06/2018 created by Saskia Haupt, Jonas Kratzke, Chen Song

From April 16th to 19th, 2018, several EMCL members presented their research results at the SIAM Conference on Uncertainty Quantification in Garden Grove, California, USA.

The four days conference organized by the SIAM society covered many topics related to Uncertainty Quantification (UQ). This biggest conference of the UQ community is held every two years. More than 800 participants from academia and industry attended the conference in Garden Grove close to Los Angeles.

Several EMCL members presented their research findings in their talks:

Philipp Glaser: Inverse Uncertainty Quantification Applied to an Industrial Model with Measurement Data
Vincent Heuveline, Saskia Haupt: High  Performance  Computing  for Uncertainty Quantification:  Challenges and Perspectives for Flow Problems
David John: Bayesian Inference for Estimating Model Discrepancy of an Electric Drive Model
Jonas Kratzke: Fluid-structure Interaction with  Uncertainty in Medical Engineering
Chen Song: Uncertainty Quantification for the Reliable Simulation of a Blood Pump Device

Besides the new developments of theory and methods for forward and backward uncertainty propagation in complex systems, the SIAM conference put also special emphasis on UQ in machine learning, data science and bioengineering.