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Research at the interface: applied mathematics and computer science.



All lectures, seminars, lecture notes from the past, current and next terms.


About EMCL

The Engineering Mathematics and Computing Lab (EMCL), directed by Prof. Dr. Vincent Heuveline, is a research group at the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR), dedicated to creating a stimulating and supportive environment for innovative research at the interface between applied mathematics and computer science. The EMCL is located at Heidelberg University, Germany. EMCL is particularly noted for its openness to multidisciplinary research in the field of engineering and scientific computing. At EMCL, interdisciplinarity characterizes both daily activities and the long-range direction of research. Our challenge is to enable world-class scientific research by employing leading-edge supercomputing technologies.

Working at EMCL often involves developing innovative mathematical approaches, methodologies and technological tools to reveal new insights into the physical world. EMCL currently pursues four major research themes. These fields comprise:

The research group seeks, on the one hand, to develop basic understanding and intellectual means to model complex phenomena and, on the other hand, to create a foundation for building new high-performance technologies. Underlining the importance of application-driven research, part of the activities of EMCL is dedicated to transferring cutting-edge developments to the most daunting challenges with a main emphasis on the following application areas:

The researchers at EMCL are recognized partners in numerous collaborative research and development projects. EMCL explicitly encourages students to actively pursue their own research and entrepreneurial ideas.